Is Your Love Life Mundane?

Let's make it insane! 

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You’re in the right place if you:

  • Wonder why sex isn't as fun for you as it seems to be for everyone else
  • Have not experienced orgasm so far
  • Hardly ever orgasm with your partner
  • Often fake orgasms to get it over with
  • Use one consistent masturbation technique which feels like the only way you'll ever orgasm
  • Feel too embarrassed to ask for what you want in the bedroom
  • Aren't even sure what you want anyway!
This is for me!

Pleasure is a Learnable Skill

Let me teach you with this self-paced, step by step, pleasure roadmap! 

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Course Breakdown 


Module 1

Orgasm Myth Busting - This will get you prepared with the knowledge that you need to move into the next modules with confidence!

Module 2

Releasing Mental Blockages - 

This week we will be working with your mental blocks.

We will approach them from 3 angles:

- subconscious programming

- coping mechanisms

- distractions!

Module 3

Body Love - The way you look doesn't impact the pleasure you can feel in your body. BUT the way you feel about your body CAN!

This module is designed to help you feel more confident in your skin.

Module 4

Self Pleasure 101 - When nobody else is around you can have the most wonderful and mindblowing experiences of pleasure - then, you can take the lessons you learn to your bedroom in the future!

Module 5

Let's Talk About Sex Baby - Communicating about sex is really hard! This module is full of lessons to help you feel comfortable receiving pleasure and attention, asking for what you want, and giving feedback in the moment.


Yes, please!

Module 6

Show & Tell - This module will take you out of your comfort zone with mutual masturbation - but it is powerful for self-growth and intimacy! You've got this!

Module 7

Touch Me - Module 7 is all about the humble hand-job! This is an essential step on the path towards more confidence, intimacy and PLEASURE!

Module 8

Oral - Ooooh yes! This module covers everything you need to know about receiving and giving pleasure with a mouth! DO NOT SKIP - even if you think you hate receiving oral. ESPECIALLY if you think that. ;)

Module 9

Intercourse - Module 9 is all about orgasm from Intercourse! These lessons will help you to change your mindset about what *sex* is and give you some new positions and techniques to try!

Module 10

Real Life Lovin' - This module will be constantly updated with lessons covering real-life issues that sometimes need to be addressed.

Module 11

Further Orgasmic Exploration. We break down many different kinds of orgasms including squirting.

I'm ready!

The Pleasure Chest

R2,497 ($169)

Here's what's inside...

  • Full Access to 11 juicy game-changing modules packed with video lessons and downloadable MP3s . 
  • 9 Guided audio Play Sessions for solo and partnered sexploration. 
  • Guided audios for breast massage, meditation, and more. 
  • 11 of the most pleasurable positions for intercourse
  • Instructions on how to go through the *Pleasure Portal* to awaken your desire
  • A guided magical pussy tour
  • 7 body-confidence boosting exercises
  • 7 vulva-confidence boosting exercises
  • Tools to help you communicate your desires without embarrassment
  • Feedback Techniques that won't make you feel awkward
  • Techniques to help you overcome negative subconscious sexual programming
  • Tools to stop you from getting distracted in the moment
  • A full module on real-life sexual struggles - constantly updated
  • A full module on different types of orgasm (including squirting)
  • Your questions answered... What to do if you've been faking? What to do if you think you're addicted to your vibrator? And so much more!
  • Learn the best positions for pleasurable sex
  • Discover secret ways to enhance your pleasure during any encounter
  • Access to all future upgrades
  • PLUS: Money Back Guarantee!
  • There is zero risk to you! If you change your mind after attending the live welcome call and receiving access to module 1, I will refund you in full, no questions asked! That's how much I believe in this programme.

Unlock Your Pleasure!

You know you deserve to experience more in the bedroom... now is the time to discover a world of delicious sensations waiting for you!

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