East Coast Radio: Finding You

a daring journey of radical self love

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Week 1: Welcome to Finding You

Week 2: Body Shame

Week 3: Rewire Your Brain

Week 4: Be Your Own BFF

Week 5: Quit Dieting

Week 6: Body Image

Week 7: You are Worth More

Week 8: Celebrate Your Wins

Week 9: Body Acceptance

Week 10: Self Care is Hard

Week 11: The Power of a Smile

Week 12: Acts of Kindness

 Week 13: Attitude of Gratitude

Self-love isn't selfish

You can't pour from an empty cup. If you want to show up for the people you love with energy, vitality and a big juicy smile on your face, then you need to carve out time for YOU!

That means learning to say NO with love and setting some boundaries that will serve you.

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