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The 7 Day Pleasure Plan

  • This is for SERIOUSLY busy women who want to experience more pleasure.
  • Learn how to tap into a powerful source of juicy energy at any moment!
Teach me how!
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The Pleasure Chest

  • This is for you if you:
  • Wonder why sex isn't as fun for you as it seems to be for everyone else
  • Have not experienced orgasm so far
  • Hardly ever orgasm with your partner
  • Often fake orgasms to get it over with
  • Use one consistent masturbation technique which feels like the only way you'll ever orgasm
  • Feel too embarrassed to ask for what you want in the bedroom
  • Aren't even sure what you want anyway!
Yes! I need this!
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Love Your V

This is course is for vulva owners and people who love someone with a vulva! 

  • Did you know that the beliefs and emotions you hold about your genitals have a huge impact on the pleasure and sexual satisfaction you can experience? By healing the relationship with your V can open up a world of pleasure.
  • This course will address common worries and fears that people often hold around their vulva. The intention is to put your mind at ease and show you that your V is normal!
  • Dive in to learn the answers to those awkward questions you’ve been wondering about for years!
I want to love my V!
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Food and Body Freedom

This is for you if you:

  • Are ready to stop obsessing over whether you should eat the tiny cookie that comes with your coffee.
  • Can't have fun at the party without comparing yourself to everyone else in the room.
  • Want to enjoy your friend's wedding without counting the macros of the canapés.
  • Can't ignore the bar of chocolate in the kitchen.
  • Want to stop fixating on food and your body.
  • Are desperate to get on with your life!
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How to Set Boundaries

  • This is for you if you:
  • Are overwhelmed, overstretched and overtired
  • Are a chronic people pleaser
  • Are scared to say no in case you hurt someone's feelings
  • Give and give and give until you are exhausted
This sounds like me!
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