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I help women like you to rekindle the fire in your belly!

There is more to life than being as productive as you can and pleasing as many people as possible!

My life used to revolve around my to-do list.

It was on my mind from the instant my alarm went off (before everyone else so I could get a head start), through every moment of my day until I finally crashed, exhausted back into bed each night. 

The stuff I had to do and remember filled my mind 24 hours a day... and especially when I was having sex.

You know the feeling, right?

Sex just became another chore to complete.

I never orgasmed anyway, so I learned to put on an act to make my partner feel good and get it over as fast as possible.

As time went by I felt totally disconnected from my body and my partner - and I just assumed it would never get any better. Figuring out my pleasure just felt like a waste of my precious time.


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I suspected I was broken somehow.

I wished I could figure it out, but I didn't know how to untangle the complicated web of sexual abuse, numbness, pain, body shame, fear of abandonment, and insecurity.

I'd heard that female orgasm was super complicated and was too embarrassed to tell my partner that I'd been faking mine for years.

But, step by step, I found my way through. And I have dedicated the last ten years to teaching other women, like you, to do the same.

I didn't plan it out this way. But once I came back to life, people started noticing. They also wanted a spring in their step. 

So, I began to share my stories and the lessons I learned - and to my delight, it helped to liberate them too!

The amazing results spurred me on to work harder! 

I devoured every book I could find, took the courses, qualified as a life coach and developed my own approach.

I'm here to get women excited! 

Under the hood...

  • I don’t sit comfortably in any particular box unless it’s full of chocolates.
  • I’m only 4 ft 11 but have a 6 ft attitude.
  • I’m a proud British girl with deep roots in African soil.
  • I’m a mum, step-mom, fur-mom, lover, healer, friend.
  • I have a major aversion to underwired bras.
  • I love to read tarot cards.
  • I created my own GIF, just type “Lisa Welsh”.
  • I'm totally obsessed with IG stories! Follow me @itslisawelsh
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  • Zodiac Sign = Taurus: Earth sign. Practical, stoic, determined, ambitious and materialistic. Taurus are famous for their stubbornness, but there's more to them then that… they're a bit of dark horse. Ruled by the planet Venus, they share her traits of beauty, artistry, hedonism and a love of luxury and comfort.
  • Myers-Briggs = INFJ-A: The rarest personality type. Creative, gentle, and caring. INFJs are quirky, complicated, and sometimes downright contradictory.
  • Human Design = Generator: Sacral and Emotional. Generators who follow their Strategy and Inner Authority feel deep levels of satisfaction when they deploy their Sacral energy correctly. When responding correctly they have the feeling of an almost unendingly satisfying energy resource at their command.
  • Ayurvedic Dosha = Kapha-Vata: High levels of enthusiasm, creativity, and sensitivity combined with physical and emotional stability. Usually sympathetic, compassionate, peaceful, calm, and creative.
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