This is for SERIOUSLY busy women who want to experience more pleasure.

Learn how to tap into a powerful source of juicy energy at any moment!


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What if you could tap into a powerful source of juicy energy at any moment

Energy that helps you breeze through your busy day with a smile on your face.

Without adding extra stuff to your to-do list?

Without giving you coffee jitters?

Or a sugar crash?

Well, here's some awesome news for you....

I’ve created a potent audio course jam-packed with everything you need to know to make this your reality... 

And you don’t need to do anything to prepare. Simply press play every day and see for yourself how things can change in just a week.



The 7 Day Pleasure Plan!


This audio course is designed for busy women like you! 

It will slide seamlessly into your hectic day and give you tools to help you to feel like the old you again!

Remember her?

And you can get it all for just R350  / $25! 

The 7 Day Pleasure Plan is the easiest way to revive your boring love life, overcome exhaustion & resentment, and feel liberated!


Because you need to do nothing more than press play - and listen while I walk you through 7 easily digestible audio lessons. 

You can carry on with your day as I guide you through each lesson, and their inbuilt practices - with zero fluff. Together we will unpack common obstacles and empower you with tools you need to access your full pleasure potential.

I’ve also created 7 accompanying downloadable PDFS to cement the concepts for you - so you don’t even need to take notes! 

And the best thing is I’ve also included 4 bonus micro-practices for you to listen to regularly - so that these new pleasure theories become familiar to you and the transformations you experience become permanent!

Plus, you’ll also get access to a private FB community where you can meet other busy women like you who are also making pleasure a priority and fueling their lives from this powerful place!

You can grab EVERYTHING you see on this page for the low, low price of just R350 / $25!

Are you ready to reclaim your natural sexy energy and radiance?

Reclaim your pleasure for just R350 / $25!
I need this!

Worried that choosing pleasure sounds selfish?

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to earn pleasure!

Don’t be put off by that word pleasure! Yes, it's loaded with connotations - you might think it sounds self-indulgent. You weren't put on this earth to sacrifice every drop of energy without enjoying your life! 

The 7 Day Pleasure Plan will help you to ditch guilt and put yourself back on your to-do list! 

I’m so excited for you to get your hands on this - it’s the best bits of everything I’ve learned about pleasure over the course of 10 years working with 1:1 clients - all distilled into an easy-to-follow audio course. I’ve laid it all out for you, step-by-step so you can literally put on your headphones and absorb the gold!

The 7 Day Pleasure Plan

R350 / $25

Here's what's included:

  • 7 x 25 minute audio lessons with built in practices
  • 7 x downloadable PDF cheat sheets
  • (all of the above to download and keep forever)
  • Access to private FB community
  • BONUS: 4 x micro-practices for you to use regularly
  • And you can repeat each lesson as many times as you like!
From Lisa:

I’ve seen firsthand how pleasure can support busy women (like you & me) to cope when things are overwhelming, to fuel our days with juicy energy, and to feel fully alive. 


Here's what we'll cover...

I Don’t Have Time!

How to create time and access pleasure in every single moment through micro-dosing

I’m Too Tired

How to plug energy leaks and create energy with pleasure

I Feel Scared

How to heal deep-rooted shame to allow you to access pleasure without guilt

I Feel Disconnected

How to come home to your pleasure-centre... your body! Learn how to  build self-trust

I Feel Resistant

How to curb your people-pleasing tendencies so you can fully receive pleasure

I Feel Distracted

How to access pleasure through sensual mindfulness

I Don’t Feel Sexy

How to fully reclaim your unique sexual expression and access your natural energising eros

Bonus: Micro Practices

4 extra practices to use whenever you need them!

Your FREE Bonuses!

These four micro-practices are designed to help you to tap into your powerful pleasure energy in a heartbeat - ensuring that the transformation you experience will be long-lasting.

Bonus #1: Morning pleasure activation - an energising breath of fresh air to recalibrate your nervous system for a wonderful day ahead

Bonus #2: Evening Pleasure Melt is a super relaxing evening audio practice to help you to shake off your busy day and truly unwind, preparing you for a deep restorative sleep

Bonus #3: Emergency liberation - Is to support you with emotional release - to guide you through any tough days and let you shake it all off

Bonus #4: Honey Self Seduction - is to guide you through activating your turn on in a delicious warming, sexy visualisation that you will love

Don't Miss Out!

The 7 Day Pleasure Plan can help you to feel better - even if you have absolutely no spare time and feel completely exhausted!


I have decided to offer The 7 Day Pleasure Chest for this crazy low price because I want to get this wisdom into the hands of as many women as possible.

By giving you the tools you need to make that a reality - you will change the world. And I totally want in on that good karma baby! It lights me up to think of all the lives this might touch!

The 7 Day Pleasure Plan


Here's A Quick Reminder Of EVERYTHING You're Getting

  • 7 x 25 minute audio lessons with built in practices

  • 7 x downloadable PDF cheat sheets

  • Access to private FB community

  • BONUS: 4 x micro-practices for you to use regularly

    (all of the above to download and keep forever)

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You don't need to earn pleasure!



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